Reuling Vineyard is based on the principle that what is best for the Earth is also best for wines, and in the vineyard, we are proud to utilize organic farming techniques rather than relying on chemical interventions. To us, organic growing is not only a best practice, but a way of life.

The clean vine rows pictured below are achieved using the time-intensive process of hareuling-shoveled-vine-rowsnd-shoveling the weeds that grow during winter. Reuling Vineyard’s 14 acres are lovingly hand-shoveled each spring to ensure that the vines can access the nutrient-rich Goldridge soils as they begin their budding process.

We also plant a diverse array of cover crops after each harvest to improve soil health and increase or decrease vigor where it is needed. We utilize a small herd of sheep to manage the growth of our cover crop, and have installed a fan to protect certain blocks from the potential of frost damage. We maintain owl, bat and bee populations by providing them boxes and hives which we manage for added biodiversity.  All of these efforts contribute to a reduction in the vineyard’s overall carbon footprint – and, in our opinion, even better wines.